Why a LMS is the clever choice for your schools program

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Riding the influencer wave: How to get your resources into the hands of Aussie teachers.

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Never heard of an LMS? It’s a good time to discover them as they are fast becoming a go-to tool for schools. An LMS is a software application which helps develop and run online educational courses, a vital tool for remote learning. With the disruptions caused by COVID, learning management systems are more important than ever. Accessed online via a web browser, students log onto the LMS, which can be branded in your company colours. They can then access all your educational activities and lessons and you can track their progress and see their learning in action. Here’s why an LMS will enhance your school program:

  1. Resources at your fingertips! – An LMS means that resources are able to be gathered from different sources and different content types and easily located on the portal. Teachers can bring together a variety of resources on a topic, such as videos, audio, work sheets, interactive games or reading material. Keeping all the important e-learning material in one location means data can’t be lost and also makes classroom collaboration much easier. A cloud based LMS keeps everything saved and backed up.
  2. Easy data tracking – An LMS allows teachers to monitor student progress and adjust activities as needed. When a whole class is working on an activity, a teacher uses a dashboard to see all students’ progress at a glance. Data from student activities can be stored and used to help overall learning progress. Teachers can monitor participation as well as interaction.
  3. Students feel empowered – Students are digital natives. An LMS speaks to their deep digital knowledge and it’s a tool they love working with. It allows them to work at their own pace and choose the order in which they do activities. Students are far more motivated when using technology – it’s completely their turf – and thus any lessons done through an LMS will have far greater levels of engagement.
  4. Cuts down on teacher administration – One of the biggest bugbears of teachers is the time spent on grinding administrative tasks. An LMS can pick up some of the day to day functions such as marking or grading student’s work, allocating or assigning resources or tracking student progress. An LMS also provides sophisticated analytics about students and classes that feed into progress reports. Ultimately, it means the teachers spend less time doing tedious jobs and are more focused on how they can be more productive or creative in meeting the needs of their students.
  5. Multiple ways to assess students – Variety is the spice of an LMS. Interactive quizzes, educational games, multiple choice questions and videos with comprehension questions are just some of the available activity options. It allows the teacher to choose the most appropriate activity for their students. This leads to creative and interactive learning which students adore.
  6. An LMS means a wider audience – An LMS fits in beautifully to the brave new world of remote learning. In the past, activities or excursions may have been limited to a set number of students, whereas online learning is accessible to those who log in. Multiple classes and grades have the ability to log on simultaneously and schools can choose to connect over the same activity, whether within Australia or overseas. Overall LMS is a cost effective and far reaching educational resource.

Kimberlin Education has a wealth of experience creating rigorous and engaging curriculum-aligned LMS. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you to create a resource that makes your school program shine.

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