Student Resources

A New Wave of Learners

At Kimberlin Education, we design all student-facing resources to be appealing and engaging for the year level of the students you want to target. Transcend play and education by using a mix of design, gaming and educational principles.

How we can help
  • Interactive lessons – Online interactive tasks engages students in active learning with real-time feedback on their progress. Our interactives are suitable for electronic whiteboards (Smartboards), computers and mobile devices.
  • Digital games – Satisfying game play is essential in educational games to ensure engagement and learning outcomes. Our game based learning formula is designed to balance subject matter with gameplay so that students retain information and relate it to the real world.
  • Animation – We have found animation to be a highly effective medium for communicating ideas in an approachable and fun way. Animation also has longevity over traditional video content.
  • Character development – Characters and mascots represent a special type of branding. Particularly important in the children’s segment, research demonstrates that children often establish an emotional relationship with the brand, often recalling with happy nostalgia the memories conjured by their childhood experience.
Why is this important?
  • Students are savvy and sophisticated consumers who are exposed to a large range of messaging and communication mediums.
  • Good graphic design not only distinguishes you from your competition, but also positions your company in the hearts and minds of the next generation of consumers.
  • Learning transforms from the classroom to the living room on a daily basis. Your messages will be carried home in the minds and school bags of students, often discussed over dinner with the whole family.

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