Market Research

Our Secret Weapon

At the heart of every educational campaign is our secret weapon… teacher insight! We take a human centered design approach, get close to our customer and have the inside scoop on the classroom to inform your programs.

What we can do for you
  • Online teacher surveys – identify new areas for business expansion or diversification in order to increase your customer base.
  • Focus Groups – better understand what teachers think of your products, services or brand, discover and create buy-in with new potential customers.
  • Product Sampling – see what flies and what flops by testing your product in a classroom with actual teachers and students!
Why is this important?
  • To understand the needs of teachers in relation to your educational product or service.
  • To assess how much teachers already know about you and where their knowledge gaps lie.
  • To create early advocates for future resources you create by engaging their expert opinion now.

Hi! Let us help you to better understand the Australian teaching community.

See examples of our work in market research below
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