What do teachers look for in educational programs?

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Riding the influencer wave: How to get your resources into the hands of Aussie teachers.

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Teachers are drawn to education programs that are like fountains of new knowledge, offering fresh, exciting, and innovative learning opportunities which have been well thought out and thoroughly researched.

How often have you felt the urge to dive straight into the design and development of a new program before dedicating time to the research stage?

Excitement over new ideas can lead to rushing into the design stage of a new program, which means the research and data analysis phase can be overlooked. Spending hours and hours on research and data analysis can be extremely time consuming. We are experts in this field with experienced teachers on our team with a wealth of experience and knowledge in what works best in schools. Are you looking for even further information about what teachers are looking for? We have a wealth of experience in conducting market research to inform new educational campaigns.

We consistently strive to remain abreast of the latest developments in the field of education across Australia. As part of this effort, we engaged with a panel of experienced teachers to find out what they are looking for in new education programs.

Here are the top seven aspects that emerged from our discussions:

Flexibility: It is crucial that your educational program offers flexibility to allow educators to adapt the program for the diverse learning needs of their students. Teachers love resources that can be easily customised to meet their students’ needs. Our KE teachers have years of experience in the classroom, and this expertise allows them to tailor your program to provide the flexibility that teachers are looking for.

Relevant and engaging content: Educational content that is relevant and important for students to make real-life connections and build on their own experiences. Programs should incorporate content that ignites curiosity in young minds and motivates them to delve deeper into their learning journey. Our KE teachers possess the knowledge to ensure your program aligns with topics that are relevant within the Australian curriculum educational context.

Student-led lessons: Teachers value student-led lessons because they promote active learning and engagement. Programs that allow students to work through content at their own pace, building upon their critical thinking and problem solving skills will allow students to take ownership of their learning. They will then gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and form a unique connection with the program based on their personal experiences.

Easy Integration: Teachers are often looking for cross-curriculum links where possible to save time as schools are very busy places. An educational program that seamlessly integrates into their planned lesson plans for the term is widely preferred by teachers. This allows educators to offer their students quality resources without causing disruption to their existing curriculum. Teachers often plan their lessons around special days of the year. You can access our latest special events calendar, which we release every term, here.

Curriculum-aligned: Ensuring your educational program aligns with the curriculum is essential! Teachers actively seek education programs that align with the curriculum to effectively meet their state’s educational standards and seamlessly integrate them into their programs. Our KE teachers are experts at aligning your program with the national Australian Curriculum, and they also take into account the specific curriculum requirements of various states and territories.

Interactive: The level of interactivity of an educational program can significantly influence the popularity of your campaign. Both teachers and students love an educational program that challenges them, leads to innovation and provides hands-on learning opportunities. By Incorporating a balanced combination of quizzes, interactive games and multimedia, you can effectively capture students’ interest. Our team of expert designers and developers are ready to help you create a program that will stand out across Australian schools!

Assessment opportunities: Teachers appreciate an educational program that provides assessment opportunities to help them evaluate students’ progress. This enables educators to assess student achievements against the curriculum outcomes and supports them to celebrate students’ improvements and identify areas where students may need additional assistance in their learning journey.

What next? We are here to support you every step of the way with your new educational program. Contact us today!

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