Riding the influencer wave: How to get your resources into the hands of Aussie teachers.

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Riding the influencer wave: How to get your resources into the hands of Aussie teachers.

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Keeping up with recent trends in digital marketing can be as difficult (and just as tedious) as keeping up with the Kardashians. It takes less than a year for a trendy marketing tool to become old-school in this digital age. We understand how overwhelming this can feel, so let us help you decide on the marketing channels that will take your campaign to new heights of popularity amongst teachers.


Have you heard about influencer marketing?

It is a marketing tactic that promises a good ROI, conversion leads and brand awareness. Top influencers on social media platforms, have large numbers of engaged followers interested in the content they produce. By partnering with them, you can turn their audience into yours. Influencer marketing targets an audience based on your campaign needs. Each influencer has a niche group of followers with a particular interest. For example, if you are trying to promote a sale on a return ticket to Paris, then a travel influencer would be the right person for the job.

We all know word-of-mouth is an excellent marketing channel to get your products and services known and used. Influencer marketing works on the same principle but rather than the recommendation coming from a colleague, friend or a relative, the personal connection is with the social influencer. Following their online journey through posts and reels results in a strong enough sense of trust to influence your user habits. Unlike big celebrities, in the eyes of the audience social media influencers are just every-day people that are relatable on a personal level. So, when recommendations come from them, we tend to believe.

You must be wondering how this tactic will work when your target audience are teachers. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Teachers are people too … and …

Teachers love social media!

Teacher influencers exist and they are as popular and famous as any other type of vloggers. They are teachers by profession but with a well-connected network of social media followers that includes other teachers, parents, schools communities, and sometimes (when age appropriate) even students! Teacher influencers can advocate for your products in their own authentic voice. They are credible sources that other teachers trust and believe, so building a partnership with a teacher influencer can get you an entry pass into a community that is actively looking for your great resources and teaching tools.

Bonus Tip!

Social media groups can be an excellent marketplace for your resources! Do you do a quick internet search for information on a product before you visit a store to purchase? Well, teachers use social media in much the same way: as a great source of information on trendy school products, resources, classroom displays, project ideas etc. Many teachers are members of niche private Facebook groups where they search for inspirations or tips from other teachers. They ask questions, proudly display student samples, and often post images of their latest classroom wins and fails. Being a part of this clique can be a game changer!

So now that you know influencer marketing and social media groups are two of the top marketing channels that can extend the reach of your resources, there is only one question left to be answered: How do you build a connection with an influencer, or become part of such a niche group on social media?

This is where we step in!

We understand teachers, because we are teachers. You can take advantage of our connections with private and closed teacher facebook groups, and with our teacher influencers to get your resources into the hands of teachers and students in Aussie classrooms.

If social media is not the cup of tea you want to serve in your business, then rest assured we have other tricks up our sleeves. For example, teachers are highly responsive to email marketing and Kimberlin Education has a segmentable database of over 30,000 Australian teachers. We can get your resources in front of thousands of teachers! Check out our work.

Get in touch today, we’d love to help get your resources into the hands of teachers and students all around Australia.

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