Water Watchers Incursion Program


Yarra Valley Water wanted to reimagine and update their existing water conservation school incursion program. They wanted to leverage their new campaign, The Water Watchers, to teach primary-aged students about water and its conservation.



Kimberlin Education created and piloted an incursion program focused on Yarra Valley Water’s “The Water Watchers” campaign. This included:

  • Design and development of teacher-led modules inclusive of supporting activities and interactives differentiated by stage
  • Creation of an incursion program to engage the community
  • Design and creation of all incursion assets, lesson plans and props to bring the Water Watcher characters and messaging to life
  • Delivered a facilitator training session
  • Piloted and launched the program in Melbourne


The Water Watchers Education Program was piloted in five schools in Melbourne in early 2021 and is currently being refined with all feedback to be launched into the market late 2021.

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