Nestlé For Healthier Kids


Leverage Nestlè’s Australian Institute of Sport partnership to engage with primary students about the importance of health and wellbeing.



Reinvigorate and reinvent the Nestle For Healthier Kids website, aligning their schools program to best in class teaching practices within the Health and Wellbeing space and their AIS sponsorship. 

Kimberlin Education undertook an extensive audit of the Nestlè for Healthy Kids Program. Resources were then updated across four key areas to coincide with the Australian primary national curriculum.  

A new creative direction was developed, rebranding the program The Good Village – a nod to their partnership with the AIS.

The Good Village was then developed into an online and interactive website for students which brings to life key areas including physical activity, nutrition, sustainability and relationships and culture acoss 24 lower primary and 24 upper primary activities. The Good Village school competition was also created to drive engagement and feedback. 

Marketing strategy and execution was then rolled out to support the program by driving traffic to the site and encouraging teacher subscriptions.


The site launched 9th March 2021 and has strong uptake amongst Australian Primary teachers. The Good Village teacher and student competition  is still currently in market and open to entries.

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