Commonwealth BankPilot program


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia wants to promote financial education through a financially feasible and readily scalable means. Kimberlin Education recommended and designed a teacher-led problem-based learning program to educate students about personal finance and empower them to make wise financial decisions for themselves.

Three programs were developed and piloted in order to measure the viability of a teacher-led approach. The results validated that a teacher-lead approach is feasible and positively received by both teachers and students and is entering into the second phase of iterations and growth.


  • Educational and strategy consultancy
  • Educational writing of 3x teacher-led project-based learning units
  • Teacher support resources & student activity sheets
  • Supporting animation – script writing, audio & full animation
  • Microsite design, build and hosting
  • Assessment and evaluation of program administration and educational impact


  • Developed a teacher-led approach to CBA’s key messages and education goals
  • Created all educational content and lesson structures
  • Designed lesson plans, supporting animations, student worksheets
  • Build a webpage to visit teachers to find all information, supporting documents, animation, and the possibility to upload students’ activities
  • Creation of online survey to measure results
  • Education Manager visited the schools to observe the teacher led programs
  • Draw conclusions, write a report and consultant Commonwealth Bank to continue with teacher-led based programs


After completing this pilot for Commonwealth Bank, we noticed a big increase in the knowledge of participating students related to finance and saving plans. With feedback and findings from this pilot, we know how to build the optimal program to meet the goal of Commonwealth Bank; promote financial education.

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