Asaleo Care: Libra Girl school program

To develop lesson plans and resources for students aged 11-14 about the changes their body may go through during puberty.


  • Secondary lesson plan development and creation
  • Interactive module design and build
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market research and hosting of a focus group


Kimberlin Education developed 3 lesson plans to be taught across stage 3 and 4 to both boys and girls, or just girls. We also developed an interactive lesson to be displayed during the delivery of the content to create an engaging resource for students to interact with and thus support the learning. Students also can also record their learning in the activity booklets that we created, which are branded in the Libra colours.

All resources were piloted in a session with practicing teachers and healthcare professionals to ensure that the content was relevant and appropriate for students of the intended age groups.

Finally, we created information resources for both schools and for parents to help familiarise them with the Libra schools program.


This program scored an A in our focus groups and is currently in market.

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