Why virtual classrooms are a great way to showcase industry content

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Why virtual classrooms are a great way to showcase industry content

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This year the educational landscape was thrown into turmoil by COVID-19. Schools everywhere had to quickly readjust to remote learning. Thankfully, virtual classrooms fill a vital gap giving students structure and an expanded world view. For students unable to go on excursions, these lessons bring the outside world into the classroom. So, as everyone adjusts to a new way of learning, virtual classrooms are a safe and easily accessible experience.

So what are virtual classrooms?

They’re a dedicated online lesson that connects industry experts with students in the classroom. A Kimberlin Education Manager interviews an expert – for example, a farmer, Scientist or Athlete – in a live stream video, integrating props and a fun curriculum linked educational presentation to bring the learning to life.

Students from across the country can dial in remotely and interact with the teacher and experts, by asking questions on screen or through video a chat box. A dedicated booking page is housed on the KE Teacher site, for teachers to register for the event, and Kimberlin organises a link for all participating schools to be able to attend on the day. A marketing campaign is run to raise awareness of the virtual classroom event and secure school bookings. Then post event a feedback form is sent to all teachers to help improve and build on the experience.

So why do virtual classrooms tick so many boxes?

Students love interactivity
Students really want to engage and express themselves. By being able to ask questions and direct the learning experience, the students feel invested in the lesson. What’s more, they’re getting to ask real life experts, get a sneak peak into what their world looks like, and learn skills that are prevalent in their everyday activities all in a very interactive way.

Teachers love an engaging curriculum linked lesson
For teachers, virtual classrooms are a fantastic resource that are based on the curriculum and deliver clear learning outcomes through the videos and associated activities. The length of the virtual lesson is tailored to easily fit into teachers’ timetables. No special equipment is needed, just a computer and screen! And Kimberlin organise the entire technical side providing support where needed.

Engaging presenters that bring the learning to life
Kimberlin’s presenters are all former teachers who have a wealth of experience in how to make content fun for students. They have excellent video presenting skills and can design a lesson and interview that students and teachers will enjoy watching. Each lesson is a high energy event delivering key messages.

Record attendance
The numbers tell the story: classes are flocking to join virtual classrooms. One single session in Term 3 with Olympic gold medalist basketballer, Chris Goulding, attracted 992 students. In just the first two terms of this year alone, 4000 students signed up for virtual classrooms. The numbers are rapidly growing for this unique experience across all schools in rural and metro regions.

Glowing feedback
A survey of teachers who’d attended our recent virtual classroom sessions for Meat & Livestock Australia, gave it a resounding thumbs up. Of those surveyed, 93.5% of teachers said they were likely to use the industry website. Students especially loved being able to talk to expert farmers directly and teachers universally agreed it was informative and engaging.

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