How to Get and Keep Teachers’ Attention in your Marketing

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How to talk to teachers in marketing materials

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Katey Street, Senior Education Manager at Kimberlin Education


Marketers like you and your team know that the first step to engaging a specific audience is to understand them and their needs, so let’s break down a few key understandings about teachers to help you better engage with this unique target group.


  1. Humour is king. Every other eDM in my inbox in the last 18 months has the subject line “In these troubled times…” These kinds of emails have become so prevalent that one Twitter user even wrote a poem laying out the apocalyptic phrasing clogging up her inbox! In truth, the way to a teacher’s heart is through humour; amusing messaging that reminds them that there is still levity in the world, that can deliver empathy and connection, and disarms a profession that can often be cynical to ‘outsiders’.
  2. Empathise and prioritise. As an educator myself, I can tell you that teachers often feel unappreciated and their needs ignored in favour of administrative duties, longer hours and amplified opportunities to connect with students and families. Show teachers that you recognise their struggles and want to provide them with solutions, or amplify teacher wellbeing as a core message of your materials. A great way to do this is by actively seeking out teachers’ opinions – it really means a lot to be listened to! An incentivised focus group here could develop your understanding of teachers’ needs and how best to provide for them.
  3. Straight talk please. Corporate-speak and business jargon is no good for teachers. The best way to engage with this audience is to speak like them! Educators are often used to simplifying things for their students and delivering complex concepts through simple messaging. Getting the balance right between connection and condescension is “a core competency which is pivotal to proactively generating stakeholder value”. Lol.


Marketing messaging that delivers on the above can build a loyal stakeholder community that feels supported and is keen to engage with your resources (and brand). Ultimately we want to create teachers that are your brand ambassadors that not only use your resources but sing your praises to their students.


Next Steps?

Contact Kimberlin Education if you want to create marketing material that’s written by teachers, for teachers.


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