Introducing the KE Teacher Connect!

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Introducing the KE Teacher Connect!

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Having worked with over 30 organisations over the last 5 years, we have created some fantastic educational resources and schools programs that we are always telling our teacher network about. One of the things our teachers constantly ask us, “Great, but where can I find them all?” As our clients often house their education programs on their own websites, we would have to point our teachers in a lot of different directions.

The team at KE have been feverishly working away on the launch of our new teacher site, the KE Teacher Connect, and we are very excited to announce the launch of the site on the 8th and 9th of June 2017 at the Edutech conference in Sydney.

The site is a one-stop-shop for teachers looking for resources, events and other useful tools for their classroom. With a clever search feature to make finding that perfect classroom resource super easy, teachers can choose from a range of engaging resources on a huge variety of subjects to teach their students.

There is also a rewards section, where we will be posting details of the unique teacher market research we conduct on behalf of our clients. Teachers can select the surveys or focs groups they would like to be involved in and earn rewards in the form of vouchers. They can choose to spend at a great range of outlets of their choice.

It’s not all online, we are encouraging our teachers to connect and meet face-to-face through the events we list. A great opportunity for our clients to promote their preview nights, video conferencing sessions or other events to our teacher network.

It is also a great opportunity for all our clients to get exposure for the awesome school resources they have as part of their programs. With frequent promotions across our social groups and regular email updates to our teacher network, thousands of teachers across the country are being encourage to come to the site and see what is on offer. The directory function lists all our wonderful clients and provides insights into their organisations and their key messages to they want to deliver to the classroom.

With over 200 resources already loaded up on the site and the number growing week by week, we are excited to see them getting lots of downloads by all of our teachers.

For a sneak preview on how the KE Teacher Connect site looks, come and check us out at

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